The Sandoy tunnel

The Sandoy tunnel connects the island of Sandoy to the greater part of Faroese infrastructure.

The tunnel will be 10.6 kilometres long. The lowest point is 157 metres below the water surface and just like the Eysturoy tunnel, the steepest inclination will be 5 percent.

The Sandoy tunnel will surface in Traðardalur between the villages of Skopun and Sandur, and on the island of Streymoy it will surface in Gamlarætt. The travel distance between Streymoy and Sandoy will be shortened significantly, however the biggest advantage will be the fact that people can travel to and from the island at any time during the day.

Geological surveys have been conducted and project planning will begin in autumn of 2016. Bids for the work of constructing the Sandoy tunnel will be accepted at the same time as bids for the Eysturoy tunnel. According to schedule, the work of constructing the Sandoy tunnel will begin no later than 2018.



Work will commence: 2018
Construction duration: 5 years
Tunnel completed: 2023
Length of main tunnel: 10.8 kilometres
Width: 9,5 meters
Annual daily traffic: 310 vehicles
Steepest inclination: 5%
Lowest point from seabed: - 147 metres
Funding: Toll fees